11th Jan, 2008

Movie Promotion Playing Cards

Movie Promotion Playing Cards

When a new movie release is slotted, it is often a time of frenzied preparation and a lot of promotional activities. There are many things that movie studios need to take care of before the successful launch of the movie. One of things that need to be considered is what to buy for the new movie freebie gift.

There are of course a variety of gifts that go into a movie release promotional gift pack. There is another unique and special gift which movie studios can consider for adding into their marketing promo kit. And it is a pack of custom designed movie promotion playing cards from TM Cards.

There can be a scene from the movie or a picture or a mini-poster of the movie printed on one side of the card. This deck of movie promotion playing cards can be given away to all guests of the movie premiere or to special people who win the movie-related contests etc.

These custom playing cards can work as a brilliant promotional item for your movie. Also they can feature as a part of the corporate branding strategy for the movie studio.

Apart from the free publicity, these custom designed movie promotion playing cards can also help generate interest in the minds of movie-goers. It goes without saying, that they can form an integral part of the movie memorabilia that is marketed along with the movie.

Of course, the playing cards are useful, fun and long lasting! But they are also a free advertisement of your movie.

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