22nd Jan, 2008

Photo Playing Cards

Photo playing cards

Playing cards are something we all have around in the house. Just like photographs of friends and family. So wouldn’t it be nice to combine those two? Sounds interesting? Well, isn’t it a great idea to have a set of custom playing cards which have a photograph of your kids or a portrait of your family members on it?

TMCARDS presents special photo playing cards with a picture photograph on one side of the cards. These playing card images can be absolutely anything you want to be: a picture of a couple, pics of your children, or even an image of a product! You can put absolutely any picture on one side of these photo playing cards. You even have the facility to add a special message – maybe even your business information – printed on the picture.

Your kids can have their pictures printed on one side and gift it to their friends who come over for their birthday party. Playing cards with a romantic picture of a couple can also make for a great gift for any special occasion. And these photo playing cards with your company logo make for an unusual method of brand advertising as well.

These custom designed playing cards can remain with your friends, family, business associates and colleagues for a very long time to come. So every time they play a game of cards, they will see the photo on the side of the cards and fond memories will make them smile.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order right away!

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