25th Jan, 2008

Souvenir Playing Cards

Souvenir playing cards

Any special occasion calls for a special gift – something like a memento, or a souvenir. A keepsake which serves as something of sentimental value is always a good gift idea for such a special day. You can find a variety of different gifts and mementos for such special events in a gift shop. So how about something totally new, and unexpectedly different? Interested?

TMCARDS presents a unique souvenir idea for a token of remembrance for your special event: a deck of souvenir playing cards that are created just the way you want them to be made.

These playing cards can be custom designed as per your specifications. You can have a special picture on one side of these cards. Or you can put up a message which will serve as a reminder of the occasion. These cards are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes such as round, oval and heart shaped (if you don’t like the regular rectangular shape). And they are absolutely a delight to give away as a gift or a keepsake to all your friends and family.

Such souvenir playing cards are quite the rage amongst corporates as well, for when they have their anniversary events.

These custom playing cards are high quality, long lasting and totally wonderful to have. Your colleagues, associates, friends and family will remember your special day every single time they sit down to play a game of cards.

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I am on a committee that does an annual fundraiser for our chapter. We have given a giveway gift with the registraiton. This year we are interested in giving away a deck of cards with our artwork and the event. We usually purchase 300. Could you give me some pricing information and delivery information to preeent to the committee for approval?
Thank you