22nd Feb, 2008

Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof Playing Cardsviacom18-playing-cards.jpg

No matter how much times have advanced technologically, no one can deny the pleasure gained from hours and hours spent with a deck of playing cards. Those long evenings spent with friends with a couple of drinks in one hand while playing a game of playing cards bring up so many fond memories! And then you remember the time when a friend of yours inadvertently spilt his drinks on the cards and absolutely ruined the deck of cards.

Well, TMCARDS brings you a deck of waterproof playing cards for just these occasions! These water proof playing cards are made out of 100% plastic and hence do not get soiled no matter how many drinks are spilled on to them. These playing cards can also be custom designed to your needs. You can have a picture of all your friends printed on one side of these cards. You can even add a message to the picture. These custom playing cards are made just the way you want them.

You can take this deck of waterproof playing cards with you on camping trips, on boats, by the poolside or even in your bath tub! The water can be just brushed off and the deck remains just fine afterwards. This deck of cards is also perfect for taking with you on any kind of trip where you may find a pack of playing cards handy to have around. And they are easy to store as well. Just put them away in your cupboard when you don’t need them.

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